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Cookie Policy


“” hereinafter will be referred to as: “THIS SITE”

“EU Regulation 2016/679” hereinafter will be referred to as: “GDPR”

“Maria Gelido” hereinafter will be referred to as: “OWNER”


  1. This document contains information about the technologies that allow to achieve the purposes described below. These technologies allow the Owner to collect and save information (for example through the use of Cookies) or to use resources (for example by running a script) on the User’s device when the latter interacts with
  2. Some of the purposes for which Tracking Tools are used may require the User’s consent. If consent is given, it can be freely revoked at any time by following the instructions contained in this document.
  3. uses Tracking Tools managed directly by the Owner (commonly known as “first party” Tracking Tools) and Tracking Tools that enable services provided by third parties (commonly called “third party” Tracking Tools). Unless otherwise specified in this document, these third parties have access to the respective Tracking Tools.
  4. Duration and expiration of Cookies and other similar Tracking Tools may vary depending on what is set by the Owner or by each third party provider. Some of them expire at the end of the User’s browsing session.
  5. In addition to what is specified in the description of each of the categories listed below, Users can obtain more detailed and updated information on the duration, as well as any other relevant information – such as the presence of other Tracking Tools – in the privacy policies of their respective third party suppliers. (through the links made available) or by contacting the Owner.

1 – What are cookies

  1. Cookies are small text strings used to store some information that may concern the user, his preferences or the internet access device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) and are mainly used to adapt the operation of the site to the expectations of the user, offering a more personalized browsing experience and memorizing the choices made previously.
  2. Cookies are small text files that are sent from the website visited to the user’s device (usually the browser), where they are stored so that they can be recognized on the next visit. In fact, at each subsequent visit, the cookies are re-invited from the user’s device to the visited site.
  3. A cookie consists of a reduced set of data transferred to the user’s browser from a web server and can only be read by the server that made the transfer. It is not executable code and does not transmit viruses.
  4. Cookies do not record any personal information and any identifiable data will not be stored. If you wish, you can prevent the saving of some or all cookies. However, in this case, the use of the site and the services offered could be compromised. To proceed without changing the options relating to cookies, simply continue browsing.
  5. Each cookie generally contains: the name of the server from which the cookie was sent, the expiration date and a value, usually a unique number randomly generated by the computer. The website server that transfers the cookie uses this number to recognize the user when he returns to visit a site or navigate from one page to another.

2 – Types of cookies

  1. Cookies can be installed not only by the manager of the site visited by the user (first-party cookies), but also by a different site that installs cookies through the first site (third-party cookies) and is able to recognize them. . This happens because on the visited site there may be elements (images, maps, sounds, links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than that of the visited site. Based on the purpose, cookies are divided into technical cookies and profiling cookies.
  2. Technical cookies are those used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide such. service. In particular, these cookies are usually used to allow efficient navigation between pages, memorize user preferences (language, country, etc.), perform computer authentication, manage the shopping cart or allow online purchases, etc. Some of these cookies (called essential or strictly necessary) enable functions without which it would not be possible to perform some operations. The use of technical cookies does not require user consent.
  3. The so-called cookies are assimilated to technical cookies. analytics if used directly by the site operator to collect aggregate information on the number of users and how they visit the site. These cookies allow the owners and / or managers of the websites to understand how users interact with the contents of the site for the purpose of optimizing the same.
  4. Profiling cookies are used to track the user’s navigation, analyze his behavior for marketing purposes and create profiles on his tastes, habits, choices, etc. in order to transmit targeted advertising messages in relation to the user’s interests and online. with the preferences expressed by them in online browsing. These cookies can be installed on the user’s terminal only if they have given their consent with the simplified procedures, indicated in the Provision.
  5. Based on their duration, cookies are divided into persistent, which remain stored, until their expiration, on the user’s device, unless removed by the latter, and session, which are not stored permanently on the device. of the user and disappear when the browser is closed.

3 – Cookies used by this site

Below is a table containing all the information on the cookies installed through this site, and the necessary information on how to manage your preferences regarding them:

Technical Cookies uses Cookies commonly called “technical” or other similar Tracking Tools to carry out activities strictly necessary to guarantee the functioning or provision of the Service

[SessionID#27]   3 YEARS
__paypal_sdk_storage__marluc.itTechnical / FunctionalThis cookie is required for the PayPal login function on the website. Persistent
akavpau_ppsdpaypal.comTechnical / FunctionalThis cookie is provided by PayPal. The cookie is used in the transaction context on the website: the cookie is necessary for secure transactions. Session
cookie_notice_acceptedmarluc.itTechnical / FunctionalDetermines whether the visitor has accepted the cookie confirmation box. This prevents the consensus box from reappearing upon re-entry. 29 days
l7_azpaypal.comTechnical / FunctionalThis cookie is required for the PayPal login function on the website 1 day
tspaypal.comTechnical / FunctionalUsed in the context of the PayPal payment function on the website. The cookie is required to make a secure transaction via PayPal. Session
ts_cPaypal.comTechnical / FunctionalUsed in the context of the PayPal payment function on the website. The cookie is required to make a secure transaction via PayPalThird Party3 days
enforce_policyPaypal.comTechnical / FunctionalThe cookie is used for website transactions – The cookie is required for security transactions.Third Party1 year
Paypal.comTechnical / FunctionalThis cookie is set by PayPal to enable payments on this website. PayPal also uses cookies on its website to recognize its customers and reduce the time it takes for users to log into their PayPal account by checking their emails in the database. PayPal.Third PartySession
wc_cart_hash_#Marluc.itTechnical / Functional  Persistent
wc_fragments_#Marluc.itTechnical / Functional  Session
wp_woocommerce_session_#Marluc.itTechnical / Functional  1 day
pll_languageMarluc.itTechnical / FunctionalThis cookie is set by the Polylang plugin for WordPress based websites. The cookie stores the language code of the last page visitedThird Party1 year
_mailmunch_visitor_idMarluc.itTechnical / FunctionalCookie used to determine if a visitor has seen the mailing list subscription form. Once a user has viewed the form and signed up, they will no longer be able to see the form until this cookie expires. This is to prevent visitors from being bothered by something they have already seen and closed (or subscribed to). 1 year
mailmunch_second_pageviewMailMunchTechnical / FunctionalCookie used to manage the subscription service, store user preferencesThird Party2 months
Marluc.itTechnical / FunctionalThis cookie contains a unique code for each customer so that they know where to find the cart data in the database for each customer.First Party2 days
woocommerce_cart_hashMarluc.itTechnical / FunctionalHelp WooCommerce determine when cart content / data changes.First PartySession
woocommerce_items_in_cartMarluc.itTechnical / FunctionalHelp WooCommerce determine when cart content / data changes.First PartySession
tk_ai Technical / FunctionalStores a randomly generated anonymous ID. It is used only within the administration area and is used for general analytical monitoring.Third PartySession

Profiling Cookies

  • also uses profiling cookies that create profiles relating to the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the same user when surfing the net.
  • These cookies are subject to specific acceptance by the user through the information banner that appears upon first access on any page of the site.
_gaGoogleStatisticalRegister a unique ID which is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. This cookie has been anonymizedThird Party2 years
_ga_#StatisticalUsed by Google Analytics to collect data on the number of times a user has visited the site, as well as the dates of the first and most recent visit. Third Party2 years
_fbpFacebookAdvertisingThis cookie is set by Facebook to deliver advertisements when I am on Facebook or on a digital platform powered by Facebook advertising after visiting this website.Third Party3 months
FrFacebookAdvertisingThe cookie is set by Facebook to show relevant ads to users and to measure and improve the ads. The cookie also tracks user behavior on the Web on sites that have Facebook pixels or Facebook social plug-ins.Third Party3 months
tk_lrJetPackAnalysisThis cookie is set by the JetPack plugin on sites using WooCommerce. This is a referral cookie used to analyze referrer behavior for JetpackThird Party1 year
tk_orJetPackAnalysisThis cookie is set by the JetPack plugin on sites using WooCommerce. This is a referral cookie used to analyze referrer behavior for JetpackThird Party5 years
tk_r3dMarluc.itAnalysisThe cookie is installed by JetPack. Used for internal metrics of user activities to improve the user experienceThird Party3 days
tk_tcMarluc.itAnalysisCollects data on website visitor preferences and behavior – This information is used to make content and advertisements more relevant to the specific visitor.First PartySession
TrFacebook Tipo PixelAnalysisUsed to deliver a series of advertising products such as real-time offers from third party advertisersThird PartySession

We remind you that you can manage your cookie preferences also through the browser you use (you will find the main ones below):

If you do not know the type and version of browser you are using, please click on the “Help” button in the browser window at the top right, from which you can access all the necessary information.

At the time of access to any page of the Site, there is a Banner that contains a brief information. By closing the Banner or continuing to browse the Site, by accessing another area of ​​the site or selecting an element of the same (for example, an image or a link), you consent to the use of cookies profiling. This consent is registered through the use of a “technical cookie”. You can know the information and how to disable third-party cookies by clicking on the links contained in the table containing the list of cookies in the table on this page.

Holder of the treatment

The data controller is Maria Gelido, P.I. 04504140163, with registered office in via Roma, 6 – Treviolo (BG) – 24048 Italy.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The DPO can be contacted by writing to

Extended information on Marluc cookies for the domain

This Cookie Policy illustrates to users the way in which the Site adopts cookies, also providing indications on how to manage cookies.

This Cookie Policy must be read together with the Privacy Policy.

  • By clicking on the accept button, the user accepts all the cookies that the site uses.
  • By clicking on the reject button, however, only technical / functional cookies will be released and all the others will be blocked.
  • By clicking on the “Find out more and customize” button, the user can choose which category of cookies to accept and which category of cookies to block.
  • Please note that the site uses the cookie management solution provided by the site. The solution provides for the preventive blocking of a series of cookies that will remain blocked until they are accepted by the user.

By continuing to browse or use the Site, users accept the use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings sent from the Site to the user’s device, in which information is stored for various purposes. In particular, cookies allow the Site to recognize users on subsequent visits or enable other websites to recognize such users for particular purposes.

What type of cookies the Site uses

The Site uses various types of cookies for different purposes:

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are cookies that allow users to browse the site or use its basic functions. These cookies are automatically installed on the user’s device by the Site as a result of the user’s access to the Site and do not require any specific consent from the user.

In fact, consent is not required by law in the event that a cookie is:

  • Used exclusively to carry out the transmission of a communication; is
  • necessary for the provider of a digital service expressly requested by the user to provide this service.

The technical cookies used by the Site include:

  • Navigation cookies: to ensure normal navigation and use of the Site, through various options or services;
  • Functional cookies: to save user preferences and facilitate the browsing experience based on a series of selected criteria (for example, language, type of browser, etc.).
  • Advertising cookies: these cookies allow the Site to create an anonymous profile of users based on their browsing experience on this Site and others. In this way, it is possible to provide users with advertisements aimed at their interests rather than generic advertising. This is a list of advertising cookies (includes a link to get more information about these cookies and instructions for managing user consent): Google
  • Retargeting cookies: these cookies allow third parties to send advertising to users who have previously visited the Site. This is a list of retargeting cookies (includes a link to get more information about these cookies and instructions on how to manage the consent of the ‘user): Sizmek
  • Social media cookies: these cookies are necessary to share content on social networks. This is a list of social media cookies (includes a link to get more information about these cookies and instructions on how to manage user consent):
  • Analytical cookies: these cookies are collected by third parties, in individual or aggregate form, in order to collect information on the number of users and on the way in which they visit the website, such as information on the most viewed pages or sections. This is a list of analytical cookies (includes a link to get more information about these cookies and instructions on how to manage user consent):

The Site uses cookies that do not allow any control over the user’s device and do not install programs on that device.


All cookies used on THIS SITE do not allow the acquisition of the user’s personal data and cannot retrieve any other data from the user’s hard drive or transmit computer viruses or take possession of the e-mail address of user.

By browsing THIS SITE, cookies defined as “technical” will be downloaded, necessary for the use of the site: in particular, the user gives consent to the installation of this type of cookie simply by continuing to browse the site, by selecting a link or a scroll action on the page itself (or confirming the brief information proposed in the banner at the first access to the site).

By browsing THIS SITE, third-party cookies will also be downloaded, connected to other websites that may be consulted by the user via links: by browsing the site, in fact, you can be redirected to functions of other sites, which in turn use cookies and for which the relative policy will prevail.

By browsing THIS SITE you are consenting to the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy, remembering that the cookies stored on the hard drive of your device can be deleted at any time. If you do not consent to the use of cookies in this way, you can decide not to use THIS SITE or disable the use of cookies, following the instructions provided by each browser: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc … We remind you, however, that setting your browser by disabling cookies could affect your browsing experience on websites.

Browser preferences

Users can manage their cookie preferences by setting their web browser:

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