Let’s talk about symbols and values. Marluc is a young brand, which aims to transmit values through fashion.

Ambitious, right?

Exact. This is our Mission and day after day it will be our personal challenge.

Marluc is unique and unrepeatable, just like you

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a challenge to be realized. Two friends joined together to spread their thought. They did it, in a synergistic way.

They merged their minds to create Marluc, a precious brand made of innovations and emotions.

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Look behind, you will always find a friend ready to help you.

Marluc… always with you.


My name is Marluc and I am a young fashion brand. I was born with the purpose to communicate with you. I’d like to spread my vision and values.

I have two important missions: friendship and self-respect.

Become part of my community and you will discover how easy it is to stand out among so many people centered on their thought.

I free myself from the imposed aesthetic canons. I want to dare with fashion. I use it to comunicate.

I was born black and white, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, day and night.


…Then I discover that in the middle there are many other possibilities. Just need to observe and between the extremes there are a thousand of other shades, shapes, feelings, colors and ways of being.

Marluc is “Identity” and “will to live”.

Female and male are a part of every human being.

And you ..

today ..

how do you feel?

What can makes your senses explode? How do you want to live this day?

We are free and colorful and we express ourselves to the best according to the feeling of every single moment.

Are you ready to join us in this wonderful emotional state?

I am waiting for you … Marluc!