Refunds and Returns

Return Instructions

We remind you that, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a return within 15 days of delivery by following these simple steps:

  1. To make a return you need the order number, the email you used to place the order.
  2. To send the request, access the “Return Authorization” section of the site by clicking here. To access the form, simply enter the order number and the e-mail address used to place the order. Fill out the online form with the required information, including: the details of each item, the quantity of items you wish to return and the reason for the return.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email with the following instructions to be able to make your return:

Return the item in its original condition: if your return does not meet these conditions, we will not be able to proceed with the refund and the item will be delivered to you again. Should you make a return for an item that has a defect, you will also be refunded the shipping costs.

You can make a return and get a refund, both in the event of a damaged or non-compliant product, and for items that do not meet your needs, regardless of their quality (for example: wrong size).

Masks are excluded from the return. Any other non-returnable products will be reported in the technical data sheet of each product.

For more information contact our customer service at the email address:

For more information on our Return Policy write to us: you will find details on return methods and conditions, shipments and timing.

Our Customer Service is always available to answer any questions regarding orders, returns and refunds. Send us an e-mail with your doubts or questions: we will be happy to help you.

How can I book a pickup?

Click on the button below to learn more about how to read a courier’s label

Below you will find general information to be able to contact some couriers:

UPS: You can contact UPS by telephone by calling the UPS center in your country which you can find at the following link. Alternatively, you can make the return via the website or by visiting one of the UPS collection points that you find at this link.
DHL: You can contact DHL by telephone by calling the DHL center in your country. Alternatively, you can book the collection through the website.
FEDEX: You can contact FEDEX by telephone by calling FedEx Customer Service at 199.151.119. Alternatively, you can book the collection through the website.
OTHER COURIERS: You can select the courier you prefer. However, the return shipping costs will be at your expense and will not be refunded (except for defective products). Please note that choosing to use your own courier can slow down the return process and the final refund.
If you use our own courier (DHL) the return procedures can be much faster.

You have two options: we can book a return collection with DHL on your behalf and then subtract the shipping cost from the refund.

Or you can independently contact a courier (even DHL itself) and arrange the shipping costs yourself.

What will be the amount of my refund?

  • If the product you received is defective or has customization errors, you will be refunded the full amount of the product cost and shipping costs
  • If you have changed your mind and no longer want to keep the product, then you will only be refunded the cost of the product and the shipping costs will be at your expense.
  • If the product you purchased is part of a “Free Shipping Costs” promotion, then again you will not have to pay the shipping costs for your return.

Can I exchange products?

We inform you that the purchased products cannot be replaced and, therefore, if you wish to change the purchased item, you can make a return in the ways and terms described in our Return Policy. You can then proceed with a new order


After receiving your return, we will check the integrity of the items before accepting them. This verification can take approximately 3 business days after delivery.

The re-credit method will follow the method used for payment and in the same currency.

You will see your account credited within approximately one week of our refund request, based on the time required for the banking procedures.